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Hit ‘n’ Run Volume #10 Debuts This Weekend

hnr14front178The newest edition of Hit ‘n’ Run¬†will debut this weekend at the Motorsports 2015 Racecar and Trade Show in Oaks, PA.

Hit ‘n’ Run 2014, the tenth edition in the annual series, remains a two-DVD combo set with a new twist.

The first disc is a two-hour season recap of the 43 modified feature events between Grandview and Big Diamond Speedways. In addition, the modified review DVD Hit ‘n’ Run also includes highlights of 30 sportsman races from the two tracks.

A separate crash-only DVD compliments the season in review with all the wild flips and hard crashes during the year. Everything from full-size sprints and stock cars to micros take part in the 40 minutes of carnage.

If you can’t make it to the Motorsports show, order Hit ‘n’ Run at the GSP Shop.

View the trailer:

Sun National Bank Center – December 19-20, 2014

Saturday Night TQ Midget 40-Lap Feature Highlights

GSP Video has it all covered at ‘Battle of Trenton’ indoor races at the Sun National Bank Center in Mercer County, New Jersey.

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Grandview Speedway – October 18, 2014

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GSP Video is now offering one of it’s best DVD bundles ever. The three biggest PA modified races of 2014: the Forrest Rogers Memorial, Coalcracker 72 and Freedom 76 are on sale as a combined set for just $29.99, half off the regular price. Place your order now at the GSP Shop.

Grandview Speedway – September 20, 2014

358 Modified ‘Freedom 76′ Feature Highlights

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