GSP Video

Several Races Still to Go

Last Saturday’s enduro was the last event of the year at Big Diamond, but we still have a slew of races to cover for the rest of 2009. Here is the tentative taping schedule:

October 10 – Five Mile Point Speedway (NY) – Short Track SuperNationals
October 11 – Grandview Speedway (PA) – NEETS Enduro
October 17 – Grandview Speedway (PA) – Thunder on the Hill 5-25s
October 18 – Grandview Speedway (PA) – NEETS Enduro
October 24 – Sundance Vacations Speedway (PA) – NELMA Challenge
October 25 – Wall Stadium (NJ) – NEETS Enduro
November 1 – Sundance Vacations Speedway (PA) – Mountain Madness Enduro
November 14 – Grandview Speedway (PA) – NEETS Enduro
November 29 – Wall Stadium (NJ) – NEETS Enduro
December 4-5 – Dunkin’ Donuts Center (RI) – Providence Indoor Race

In the upcoming weeks we’ll be unveiling the year-end special DVDs and rolling out a new online premium video service.