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Grandview Speedway – May 31, 2011


(Event Press Release) The AMSOIL Sprint Car USAC National Championship Tour invaded Grandview Speedway on Tuesday night for the Fifth Annual Eastern Storm and thirty-one competitors took part in time trials. This event also marked the ninety-ninth event of the NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series. Bobby East of Brownsburg, IN won a Jesse Hockett Classic, taking the lead on lap twenty-five from Levi Jones.

May 31, 2011 Video Highlights

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USAC National Sprint Cars Feature Highlights

Steve Storrie Time Trial Flip

ARDC Midgets Feature Highlights

In the closing laps, Chris Windom and Robert Bailou made it a three car race for the win with Casey Shuman and Dave Darland rounding out the top five. East took the win that earned him a hefty $6,000. In the ARDC Midget feature Steve Buckwalter was the winner of their twenty-five lap feature, taking the lead from Tim Buckwalter on lap twelve. In the closing laps, Nick Wean and Alex Bright were in the chase but at the drop of the checker flag, Steven Buckwalter rallied home the winner.

Coleman Gulick of Binghamton, NY established a new one lap track record for wingless sprints with a time of 13.767. Four USAC heat race events were preseted with victories go to John Stanbrough, Wes McIntyre, Levi Jones and Chris Windom as the “B” winner was Coleman Gulick.

In the forty lap Jesse Hockett Classic, Levi Jones was the race leader at the drop of the green flag with Daron Clayton in the chase. Clayton made several strong challenges at Jones for the lead but on lap five, Clayton spun in turn four displaying the yellow flag. On the restart, Levi Jones remained the leader Dave Darland in the hunt. On lap sixteen, Darland was putting pressure on the leader, looking for a lane to make the pass.

At the halfway mark of the forty lap feature, Levi Jones and Dave Darland continued their fight for the lead with Casey Shuman, Bobby East and Chris Windom, racing under a blanket for the win.

The changing point of the race took place on lap twenty-five, when Bobby East powered into the lead, dropping Jones to second and Windom now in third. By lap twenty-seven, Windom moved into second followed by Levi Jones and Robert Bailou in the thick of the battle. In the closing laps, East, Windom and Bailou set-up a three car battle for the lead with Casey Shuman and Levi Jones in the top five.

Bobby East ran a flawless race in the closing laps holding off a determined Chris Windom, Robert Bailou. For East, it was his first career win at the Grandview Speedway. Chris Windom famished second followed by Robert Bailou and Casey Shuman.

In the twenty-five lap ARDC wingless midget feature, Tim Buckwalter was the early race leader, holding off Nick Wean and a charging Steven Drevicki. By lap twelve, Steven Buckwalter was the new leader followed by Wean and Tim Buckwalter. In the final laps Alex Bright was in the chase but with the checker flag waiving, Steve Buckwalter took the win over Nick Wean and Alex Bright and Bruce Buckwalter, Jr.

USAC SPRINT FEATURE FINISH: #5 Bobby East, #5x Chris Windom, #81 Robert Ballou, #4g Casey Shuman, #21x Dave Darland, #53 Jon Stanbrough, #20 Levi Jones, #15 Mark Bitner, #4 Tracy Hines, #71 Damion Gardner, #7 Bryan Clauson, #50 Travis Rilat, #27 Keith Bloom, #40 Justin Grant, #11 Kevin Thomas, #99m Kyle Moody, #69 Daron Clayton, #17r Kyle Robbins, #19m Brent Marks, #35 Hunter Schurenberg, #83 Wes McIntyre, #14 Coleman Gullick.

ARDC WINGLESS MIDGET FEATURE FINISH: #0 Steven Buckwalter, #78 Nick Wean, #77 Alex Bright, #83 Bruce Buckwalter Jr., #46 Brett Arndt, #52 Tim Buckwalter, #89 Andrew Hannula, #19 Steven Drevicki,
#49 Trevor Kobylarz, #6 Dusty Heistand, #8 Keith McIntyre, #55 Steve Craig, #12 Drew Heistand, #88 Brenden Bright, #54 Billy Pauch Jr., #01 Steven Bull, #20 Carey Becker, #28 Greg Fitzpatrick, #3 Joe Butera, #33 Ryan Smith, #51 PJ Gargiulo, #17 Ryan Watt. DNS – #16 Dave Shirk, #81 Mark Gilmore.