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Bridgeport Speedway – May 27, 2012


(Track Press Release) Swedesboro, NJ – On 811 Awareness Night at Bridgeport Speedway, Jamie Mills bested the field in the second race of the Poker Series for Big Block Modifieds. Rookie Ricky DiEva won his first ever Crate Sportsmen feature. The victor in the Outlaw Stock Car race was Jeff Dirkes while Bob DeVault took top honors in the TSRS Sprint Car main event.

May 27, 2012 Video Highlights

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Big Block Modifieds/Poker Series Hand #2 Feature Highlights

Outlaw Stocks Feature Highlights

Crate Sportsman and TSRS 305 Sprint Feature Highlights

At the start of the 40-lap Poker Series contest for the Big Block Modifieds, Jamie Mills grabbed the lead with Eric Kormann and Ryan Godown in pursuit. With five laps in, Mills had built up a sizable lead with Godown riding in second. Brian Kressley moved into the mix as he motored into third with seven tours completed. On lap 10, Godown was reeling in Mills when the first caution flag flew for a slowing Mark Forte. When action got back underway, Mills kept his advantage over Godown with Richie Pratt, Jr. climbing into third. With multiple racing grooves available for the competitors, Pratt, Jr. began to track down Godown. Pratt, Jr. claimed the runner-up spot from Godown with sixteen circuits in the books. By the halfway point, Mills, using the high lanes of the speedway, had a narrow advantage over the low groove running Pratt, Jr. On lap 21, the twelfth place starting Rick Laubach had motored into third. On the next circuit, Mills and Pratt, Jr. waged a side-by-side battle for the top spot and Pratt, Jr. won the tussle. Just after taking over the lead, the engine on the new frontrunner expired and Mills was back in front of the pack with Laubach riding in second and Godown in third. After closing in on Mills over several tours of the track, Laubach passed Mills for the lead on lap 25 in the midst of traffic. With Laubach low and Mills staying on the high side, the top two were in a pack of slower cars when Mills regained the lead on lap 27 just before the final caution period occurred for a slowing Matt Harrell. When the green flag waved, Mills maintained his lead with Wade Hendrickson scooting by Laubach and Godown to gain second place. On lap 29, the top three were in close quarters with Hendrickson and Laubach duking it out for the runner-up position. After a good multi-lap fracas for second, Laubach regained the position with only nine laps to go and closed in on Mills for the lead. Over the next few tours, Laubach remained on the bumper of Mills looking for an opportunity to slide underneath the leader. With five to go, the top two had slipped away from the field. As the final laps clicked off, Mills held off the advances of Laubach to claim the $4000 prize. With Laubach in second, Hendrickson’s strong run resulted in a third place finish after starting the event in thirteenth. Duane Howard, using a small block engine on this night, wound up in fourth. Jimmy Horton came from his twenty-first starting spot to take fifth. Brian Kressley, Richie Pratt, Jr., Rick Laubach and Billy Pauch, Sr. won the Big Block Modified heat races. The consolation race went to Jimmy Horton.

After taking the lead on the third circuit of the 20-lap Crate Sportsmen race, Rookie Ricky DiEva led the remaining distance to win his first ever feature. Second place went to Ryan Anderson. Travis Hill finished third and was followed by Brad Roberts and Ken Eckert, Jr. Victors in the Crate Sportsmen qualifying events were Ryan Anderson and CJ Jones.

Bob DeVault led all 20 circuits to gain the victory in the TSRS Sprint Car main event. Brian Carber wound up in the runner-up spot. Kyle Purks, Jeff Mueller and Ed Newhouser completed the top five. Stef Palmai, Kyle Purks and Joe Lord, Jr. claimed wins in the TSRS Sprint Car heat races.

Using a last lap pass for the lead, Jeff Dirkes won his fourth Outlaw Stock Car feature of the season. Dirkes paced the field for the opening six circuits of the 12-lap event before Jeremy Doerr took over the lead. As the top two came to the finish line on the final tour, Dirkes scooted beneath a slowing Doerr for the victory. Doerr, the heat race winner, finished in second despite his car briefly erupting in flames as the checkered flag waved. Jim Hughes, Bob Hopely and Russell Wurst rounded out the top five.

Big Block Modifieds

Heat 1 – 1. Brian Kressley 2. Doug Manmiller 3. Craig Von Dohren 4. Wade Hendrickson 5. John Willman
Heat 2 – 1. Richie Pratt, Jr. 2. Jamie Mills 3. Neal Williams 4. Dominic Buffalino 5. Corey Andersen
Heat 3 – 1. Rick Laubach 2. Ryan Watt 3. Ryan Godown 4. Jack Swain 5. Mike Franz
Heat 4 – 1. Billy Pauch,Sr. 2. Eric Kormann 3. Mark Forte, Jr. 4. Duane Howard 5. Matt Harrell
Consolation – 1. Jimmy Horton 2. Kevin Albert 3. Mikc Barone 4. Jarred Miller


1. JAMIE MILLS 2. Rick Laubach 3. Wade Hendrickson 4. Duane Howard 5. Jimmy Horton 6. Ryan Godown 7. Ryan Watt 8. Brian Kressley 9. Neal Williams 10. Craig Von Dohren 11. Jarred Miller 12. Eric Kormann 13. Jack Swain 14. Doug Manmiller 15. Billy Pauch, Sr. 16. Kevin Albert 17. Dominic Buffalino 18. Mike Barone 19. Mike Franz 20. Corey Andersen 21. John Willman 22. Matt Harrell 23.Richie Pratt, Jr. 24. Mark Forte, Jr.

DNQ: Kevin Hirthler, Rob Nixon, Kyle Borror, Ron Roberts, Stan Frankenfield, Ryan Forte, Tom Maccherone, Bob Sarkisian, Tommy Scheetz, Dave Witte, Brett Ballard, Jesse Hill, Don Cogdill, III., Steve Durand, Jason Rivers, Stacy Roberts

Crate Sportsman

Heat 1 – 1. Ryan Anderson 2. George Nardelli, IV 3. Brett Kressley 4. Brad Roberts 5. Tommy Beamer 6. Scott Baker
Heat 2 – 1. CJ Jones 2. Travis Hill 3. Brett Kelly 4. Matt Budd 5. Ken Eckert, Jr. 6. Ricky DiEva


1. RICKY DIEVA 2. Ryan Anderson 3. Travis Hill 4. Brad Roberts 5. Ken Eckert, Jr. 6. Brett Kressley 7. Tommy Beamer 8. Mike Cogdill 9. Scott Baker 10. Jeff Geiges 11. Lee Nardelli 12. Andrew Krause 13. Matt Budd 14. CJ Jones 15. Tom Miller 16. Brett Kelly 17. Chuck Buchman 18. George Nardelli, IV 19. Aleia Geisler 20. Doug Urbano 21. Ryan Simmons

TSRS Sprint Cars

Heat 1 – 1. Stef Palmai 2. Jeff Mueller 3. Chris Allen 4. Rick Stief 5. Ed Newhouser 6. Jonathan Swanson
Heat 2 – 1. Kyle Purks 2.Kyle Reinhardt 3. Brian Carber 4. Scott Flammer 5. Mike Esposito 6. Bruce Kindberg
Heat 3 – 1. Joe Lord, Jr. 2. Eddie Wagner 3. Bob DeVault 4. John Wyers 5. Mike Haggenbottom 6. Bill Case, Jr.


1. BOB DEVAULT 2. Brian Carber 3. Kyle Purks 4. Jeff Mueller 5. Ed Newhouser 6. Stef Palmai 7. Kyle Reinhardt 8. Rick Stief 9. Mike Haggenbottom 10. Joe Lord 11. Bill Case, Jr. 12. Eddie Wagner 13. Jonathan Swanson 14. Jeff Schall 15. Keith McIntyre 16. Chris Allen 17. Bruce Kindberg 18. Keith Anderson 19. Chuck Palmucci 20. Scott Flammer 21. John Wyers 22. George Loux 23. Rick Homan 24. Harris Kohen 25. Steve Patterson 26. Mike Esposito 27. Steve Wilson

DNS: Cody Jourdan

Outlaw Stock Cars

Heat 1 – 1. Jeremy Doerr 2. Terry Griffin 3. Jeff Dirkes 4. Anthony DiBenedetto 5. Russell Wurst 6. Bob Hopely


1. JEFF DIRKES 2. Jeremy Doerr 3. Jim Hughes 4. Bob Hopely 5. Russell Wurst 6. Anthony DiBenedetto 7. Tom Boehlert 8. Pete Ellis 9. Cheri LaClaire 10. Terry Griffin 11. Kate Raively