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Grandview Speedway – July 3, 2012


(Event Press Release) A capacity crowd came out for the 104th event of the NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series Tuesday night, at the Grandview Speedway. Greg Hodnett won the 35 lap Pennsylvania Sprint Speed Week feature event and earned $5,000 for the win. In the BPG 25 lap modified feature, Ryan Godown was the winner earning $3,000 for the win. A field of 32 410 sprints took part in the program with 43 modifieds in the pits.

July 3, 2012 Video Highlights

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410 Sprint Car Feature Highlights

358 Modified Feature Highlights

Danny Lasoski set fast time in time trials, stopping the clocks with a time of 12.006. Sprint car heat race events were won by Lance Dewease, Chad Layton, Alan Krimes and Brian Montieth as the “B” Main victory went to Kyle Larson. In the modified heat race events Duane Howard, Billy Pauch Jr., Jared Umbenhauer and Jeff Strunk as Brad Missimer won the consolation event. $50 was presented to each heat race winner in memory of Chad Miller and Duane Howard collected an extra $200 for winning the Chad Miller Cash Dash.

In the 35 lap 410 sprint feature, Alan Krimes lead the first twenty-three laps that went caution free. Krimes on several occasions felt the pressure of Stevie Smith and Greg Hodnett, but each time, Krimes remained the leader. Dan Dietrich brought out the first caution on lap twenty-three when he spun in turn three.

On the restart, Krimes retained the lead with Smith and Hodnett challenging for the lead. Chad Layton came to a stop on lap twenty-six in turn two and the yellow flag was displayed once again.

There was a four car race for the lead shaping up between Krimes, Smith, Hodnett and Montieth. While leading on lap twenty-nine, a flat tire sidelined our leader Alan Krimes. Stevie Smith now took the lead and he set the pace through lap thirty-three when a flat tire brought him to the sidelines. Greg Hodnett was now at the front of the field and he survived the final two laps to collect the $5,000 winners share over Brian Montieth, Kyle Larson, Fred Rahmer and Brian Leppo.

In the twenty-five lap BPG Modified feature, Ryan Grim was the early race leader with Ryan Godown taking the lead on lap five. Duane Howard, who started ninth was up to third on lap six. One lap later, Howard was second with Billy Pauch Jr in third. Howard challenged Godown for the lead on several occasions, but each time, Godown held the top spot. On lap fourteen, Godown, Howard, Pauch and Terry Meitzler were racing under a blanket for the lead.

Godown was up to the challenge and took the win worth $3,000 over Duane Howard, Billy Pauch Jr., Kyle Weiss and Craig VonDohren.

410 SPRINT FEATURE FINISH: #39 Greg Hodnett, #21 Brian Monteith, #1K Kyle Larson, #51 Fred Rahmer, #14 Brian Leppo, #6 Danny Lasoski, #77 Aaron Ott, #77au Darren Mollenuyux, #35 Tyler Walker, #7 Chad Layton, #1s Logan Schuchart, #70 Sam Schlossberg, #87 Alan Krimes, #20 Ryan Taylor, #27 Daryn Pittman, #13 Paul McMahan, #33 Scott Lutz, #19 Stevie Smith, #48 Danny Deitrich, #19m Brent Marks, #30c Lance DeWease, #175 Tim Tanner Jr., #44 Frank Cozze, #21s Shane Stewart DNQ – #747 Davey Sammons, #2H Dave Hahn, #56 Dave Wilson, #15B Mark Bitner, #97 Jimmy Reppert, #55 Mark Zimmerman, #8 Steve Petry, #55au Luke Bowey.

358 MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH: – #88c Ryan Godown, #4 Duane Howard, #66P Billy Pauch Jr., #21K Kyle Weiss, #1C Craig VonDohren, #357 Jeff Strunk, #25 Keith Brightbill, #117 Kevin Hirthler, #77 Richie Pratt, #3G Mike Gular, #917 Jarred Miller, #31 Chris Esposito, #41 Glenn Strunk, #81 Terry Meitzler, #126 Billy Pauch Sr., #7 Rick Laubach, #327 Brad Missimer, #99 Craig Whitmoyer, #74w John Willman, #33 Ray Swinehart, #17 Ryan Grim, #42 Kyle Follweiler, #11 Jarred Umbenhauer, #66 Jon Kellner Sr. DNQ – #611 Brad Grim, #30 Tommy Scheetz Jr., #88d MeMe DeSantis, #18 Michael Weinert, #71 Mike Mammana, #47 Gary Wagner, #61 Justin Grim, #87 Eric Biehn, #44H Gary Hager, #CR7 Colt Harris, #14W Ryan Watt, #01 Dan Waisempacher, #15 Mike Laise, #323 Neal Williams, #85 Ron Harring Jr., #221 Ryan Beltz, #17 Ron Roberts, #11 Danny Heiber, #8 William Gebhard.