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Grandview Speedway – October 13, 2012


(Event Press Release) The House of Thunder Halloween Party and Grandview Thunder 5-25’s took place on a chilly night at The Grandview Speedway. Some one-hundred and fifty-five cars competed in the Saturday night event with victories going to Jeff Strunk in the 25 lap Modified feature as Art Liedl won the 25 lap PPB URC Sprint feature.

October 13, 2012 Video Highlights

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358 Modified Feature Highlights

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ARDC Midget Feature Highlights

Sportsman Feature Highlights

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Owners Race Highlights

Blast From the Past/Garden State Vintage Car Highlights

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Steve Buckwalter won the 25 lap ARDC Midget feature as Kenny Gilmore was the winner of the 25 lap sportsman feature. Bob Stough took top honors in the Palmer Candy Legends feature. In the Vince’s Towing Owners Race, Randy Bailey was the winner in a thriller with Dennis Bailey as Vince Gagliardo won the Blast from Past Vintage Car feature. A field of twenty entries competed in the Third Annual MonsterSmash Demolition Derby with Ryan Klingel from Krestville, NJ taking the win after a forty minute battle. This popular event closed out the 2012 NAPA Auto Parts Racing Series .

The Legend feature opened the Grandview Thunder 5-25’s event. Eventual feature winner Bob Sough took the lead on lap fourteen then fought off numerous challenges from Scott Gobrecht and Rick Miller to take the win. Following Sough, Gobrecht and Miller in the top five were Tim Bauer and Greg Bard.

The ARDC midget feature was on tap next and a field of twenty-five cars answered the call. A wild fourteen car crash took place as the field was exiting turn two. No driver injuries were reported and feature restarted with Brett Winner taking lead. One lap later Tim Buckwalter took the lead with Winner going back on top on lap four. One lap later, Steve Buckwalter was the man on point and appeared to have the solid control of the race. By lap eleven, youthful Trevor Kobylarz set-up a challenge for the lead. At one point Kobylarz nosed to the front by Buckwalter powered back into the lead spot.

The highly competitive ARDC feature went on with Dave Shirk in the hunt as well as Tim Buckwalter. Steve Buckwalter, still unable to shake Kobylarz had his hands full at the front of the pack. In the closing stages, Buckwalter held off Kobylarz to take the win with Dave Shirk third, Tim Buckwalter fourth and Nick Wean fifth.

In the 25 lap Sportsman feature Guy Germano led the first three laps with Paul Kline taking point on lap four. As the field passed for the halfway sign, Kline remained the leader with Kenny Gilmore now in the hunt. Craig Whitmoyer joined the battled and led the feature for one lap with Gilmore regaining the lead. For the final laps, Kenny Gilmore continued to fight off Paul Kline in chase of the win. At the drop of the checker flag, Gilmore took the win over Kline, Craig Whitmoyer, Brian Hirthler and Jared Umbenhauer.

With the roar of the powerful modifieds the green flag fell to start the 25 lap feature and Jeff Strunk on point. By virtue of the “revenge redraw” Strunk started on the pole and wasted no time in setting a commanding lead. In the battle for second, Kyle Weiss now had to contend with Duane Howard who started ninth. By lap nine, Howard was second and on a mission to chase down the leader. Just a few laps later, Craig VonDohren was in the picture and also challenging for the runner-up spot. At the halfway point of the race, Strunk, Howard and VonDohren were the top three followed by Weiss and Ryan Grim.

Slower traffic was going to be a factor as Howard was closing in on Strunk and at the same time, VonDohren was making ground on the leaders. A lapped car got out of shape in front of Howard on lap twenty-one, opening the door for VonDohren to move into second. Howard fought for the remaining laps but could not regain the runner-up spot as Jeff Strunk took the win in the Norm Hansell #357 to earn the victory and collect $3,000. Craig VonDohren, Duane Howard, Doug Manmiller (started23rd) and Kyle Weiss made up the top five.

The night cap event was the Pioneer Pole Building Rislone URC Sprint feature. Robbie Stillwaggon entered the night with a twenty-five point advantage over Davie Franek in the final point race of the season. At the drop of the green flag in the 25 lap feature, Scott Lutz set the pace. Joey Biasi was on a charge and took the lead on lap five. Biasi had solid control of the lead as Randy West and Art Liedl battled for second. Liedl took over second on lap ten just before the yellow flag came out for Davie Franek who stopped in turn two. Race leader, Joey Biasi, with nowhere to go, spun to avoid contact with the disabled car of Franek.

Art Liedl inherited the lead at that point with Randy West in second. At the halfway point, Liedl, West, Scott Lutz, Kevin Darling and Robbie Stillwaggon made up the top five. Liedl quickly established a comfortable lead as Stillwaggon moved into fourth on lap fifteen. Race leader Art Liedl started to approach slower traffic and Randy West began to reel in the race leader. With five to go, the rest of the field was gaining on Liedl and West. With the white flag waiving, Stillwaggon moved into third and West was in clear sight of the race leader.

Liedl remained the leader and scored his first career URC victory with Randy West second, Robbie Stillwaggon (2012 URC Rislone Champion) third, Kevin Darling fourth and Scott Lutz fifth.

PALMER CANDY LEGENDS FEATURE: FINISH: #07 Bob Stough, #44 Scott Gobrecht, #38 Rick Miller, #890 Tim Bauer, #94T Greg Burd, #85 Chad Earnst, #18 Chris Transeau, #13 Jacob Feltch, #49 John Hall, #12J Clinton Penkauskas, #90 Scott Spidle, #09 Chris Spidle, #20 Vernon Houseman, #27 John Lyter, #11 Jason Fuhrman, #45 Andy Whaling, #Z Jim Baker, #5 Scott Houdeshell, #41s Mark Crum, #61 Justin Grimm, #93 Pastor David Miller

SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH: #7 Kenny Gilmore, #14 Paul Kline, #99 Craig Whitmoyer, #117 Brian Hirthler, #11 Jared Umbenhauer, #11 Kaitie McCardle, #17X Kevin Beach, #14J Joe Funk, #2 Mike Glass, #B4 Kyle Borror, #53 Bobby Lilick, #17D Mike Loney, #27J Chris Jenkins, #88X Jason Neidlinger, #97 Dave Dissinger, #00 John Kovatch IV, #19 Brad Brightbill, #542 Guy Germano, #23 Mike Stringer, #9 Matt Hafer

ARDC MIDGET FEATURE FINISH: #0 Steven Buckwalter, #49 Trevor Kobylarz, #16 Dave Shirk, #52 Tim Buckwalter, #78 Nick Wean, #6 Dusty Heistand, #44 Brett Wanner, #07 Jimmy Glenn, #14 Carey Becker, #01 Steven Bull, #3 Joe Butera, #53 Randy Reid, #75 Bill Courtwright, #11 Eric Heydenrich, #54Austin Burke, #1 Drew Heistand, #5 PJ Gargiulo, #88 Brenden Bright, #55 Steve Craig, #10 Mark Gilmore, #34 Ryan Greth, #13 Brian Gilmore, #83 Bruce Buckwalter Jr., #19 Steven Drevicki, #77 Alex Bright, DNS – #46 Brett Arndt

BPG 358 MODIFIFED FEATURE FINISH: $3,000 TO WIN. . #357 Jeff Strunk, #1C Craig VonDohren, #4 Duane Howard, #46 Doug Manmiller, #21K Kyle Weiss, #17 Ryan Grim, #117 Kevin Hirthler, #88D Meme DeSantis, #74 John Willman, #976 Don Norris Jr., #31 Chris Esposito, #3G Mike Gular, #66 Jon Kellner Sr., #19 Jordan Umbenhauer, #81 Terry Meitzler , #58S Shawn Reimert, #33 Ray Swinehart, #44 Mike Kellner, #15 Mike Laise, #39 Dave Smith, #88A AJ DeSantis, #2 Glenn Strunk, #11M Mike Mahaney

PPB URC SPRINT FEATURE: #2 Art Leidl, #56 Randy West, #89 Robbie Stillwagon, #9D Kevin Darling, #47 Scott Lutz, #25 JJ Grasso, #63 Josh Weller, #39 Tim Hogue, #B1 Joey Biasi, #7 Ed Aiken, #X Dan Mazy, #7C Chad Trout, #22 Troy Betts, #17J Jonathan Swanson, #12D Steve Downs, #21F Jared Fink, #28F Davie Franek, #73 Kramer Williamson, #15 Mark Bitner, DNS – #117 David Swanson

VINCES TOWING OWNERS RACE FINISH: #17 Randy Bailey, #81 Dennis Bailey, #2 Jeff Paulson, #39 Skip Smith, #41B Vince Gagliardo Sr., #15 Dave Laise, DNS – #7 Charlie Gilmore, #44 Vince Gagliardo Jr.

BLAST FROM THE PAST FEATURE FINISH: #97 Vince Gagliardo, #185 Ronnie Peck, #12A Henry Yeska, #9C Phil Claussen, #MOO Tim Pitts, #88 Bob Snyder, #24 Chick Kulp, #12 Dwayne Geiswite, #9 Steve Thomplison, #3 Woody Nyce, #333 Kerry Breon, #1 Kevin Bardnt, #51 Larry Sullivan, #44 Kevin Dries, #93 Brian Fucilli, #2 Dave Smith, #76 Brian Gagliardo, #29 Jack Reifsnyder, #16 Fred Simmons, #00 Kurt Berger.