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Action Track USA – August 13, 2013

Kutztown Tidbits

  • Jeff Strunk passed Rick Eckert on route to winning Tuesday’s SpeedSTR preliminary night feature event at the Kutztown Fair.
  • Ross Perchak (270 micros) and┬áDylan Hoch (junior slingshots) both picked up the Fair Nationals wins in their respective divisions.
  • Racing continues at the Kutztown Fair on Wednesday with Fair Nationals for the SpeedSTRs, 600 wingless micros and slingshots. The 27o micros will take off the wings on Thursday sharing the program with the ‘Daniel Boone 200’ enduro race.

August 13, 2013 Video Highlights

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SpeedSTR Feature Highlights

270 Micro Feature/Junior Slingshot Feature Highlights