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Big Diamond Speedway – July 18, 2014

Roadrunner/358 Modified/Sportsman Feature Highlights

July 18, 2014 Video Highlights

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358 Modified Mechanics Race Crash


(Track Press Release) MINERSVILLE, PA – Fans were treated to 6 main events Friday evening at Big Diamond Speedway and the action on the track provided the fans a lot of excitement! There were many activities going on including the Kevin Beach Race Team Coloring Contest in which 4 lucky young fans out of the over 70 entries took home brand new bicycles thanks to Kevin Beach and his race team. Everyone else received a token of thanks for entering.

The action on the track was fierce in the Savage 61 Roadrunners 25 lap feature event. Jared Seigfried and Joey Brennan led the field to the green flag and Joey quickly took over the top spot. The caution flew on lap 3 when Kris Ney spun in turn 4 and the racing action quickly resumed with Brennan holding the lead
but being challenged by Chris Holland. Holland and Brennan would line up side by side for the restart on lap 18 and they would battle it out, with Chris eventually taking over the top spot honors. Jeremy Becker would make his way around Brennan on lap 22 and then the leader began to feel the pressure as Chris and Jeremy would battle back and forth for the lead. The duo would drag race to the checkers and it was Chris Holland squeaking out the win over Jeremy Becker. Rounding out the top 5 were Joey Brennan, Tom Hablett and Jared Siegfried.

The Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic 358 Modifieds were led to the green by Kyle Follweiler and Ray Swinehart. The field had a little trouble on the start, and current point leader Billy Pauch Jr. found himself a victim of one of the incidents and had an early end to his racing evening. A multicar tangle left Duane Howard and Dale Hartz tangled together to the point where the red was thrown while the 2 cars were unhooked from each other safely. The drivers both were able to rejoin the field after they were separated. Ray Swinehart was not phased by all of the tangles and remained focused on maintaining the top spot in the 32 lap main event. He would be able to hold off the challenges of Rick Laubach to bring home the victory and the $3200 paycheck that came with it. Laubach would have to settle for 2nd followed by Frank Cozze, Duane Howard and Kyle Follweiler.

The USS Achey Sportsman Cars ran a 25 lap main event on the night of extended distance features Friday evening. JR Fulper and Wayne Witmer led the field to the green flag. Witmer would quickly take over the top spot and began to drive away from the field. He had Doug Hendricks and Craig Whitmoyer on his heels hoping for a bobble that would allow them to take over the top spot. Witmer took on their challenges and held them at bay. The trio would battle it out for entire 25 laps, but Witmer would prevail, earning his first Sportsman feature win at Big Diamond Speedway, and the excitement oozed out in Victory Lane as his crew, family and fans joined him for the post-race celebration. Hendricks would bring home 2nd place honors followed by JR Fulper, Craig Whitmoyer and Tim Fitzpatrick.

The mechanics had their chance to put their money where their mouth is so to speak, and take out the cars they work on and show off their skills thanks to Kim’s
Creations, who sponsored the features for each of the divisions. Kevin Holland earned the top spot in the 13 car field of Roadrunners followed by Tyler Schibe and Sammy Troup. Kevin had lapped lapped the entire field except for the top 3 finishers. In the Modifieds, Andrew Geist found the throttle and kept it to the floor taking the early lead in the event. Unfortunately, he missed his entry on turn one and did a motocross style jump up the track and found himself needing a tow back to the pit area. Glenn Rowan would take over the lead and bring himself and Ken Hineline back to the checkers. Ron Haring Sr. was on track, but also retired from the event with only 3 laps left. In the Sportsman class, Jacob Fox earned himself the victory honors, followed by Jim Kost and Jim Glass. The mechanics all put on a great show for the fans!

Racing returns this coming Friday featuring the Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic DIRTcar 358 Modifieds, USS Achey Sportsman, Savage 61 Roadrunners, and the return of the ARDC Midgets. There will also be an awesome fireworks display at some point during the evening. The Sportsman race will be a non-points event but will require the use of Hoosier tires. Gates open at 5 pm, warm-ups are at 7:45 pm, and first heat hits the track at 8:15 pm.

Great racing, Midgets, and Fireworks = fun for the whole family at Big Diamond Speedway.

Big Diamond Speedway Results 7/18/2014

Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic DIRTcar 358 Modifieds (32 Laps)

1) Ray Swinehart ($3,200) 2) Rick Laubach 3) Frank Cozze 4) Duane Howard 5) Kyle Follweiler 6) Jared Umbenhauer 7) Meme Desantis 8) Kevin Smith 9) Scott Albert 10) Tim Buckwalter 11) Mike Mammana 12) Dan Hineline 13) Jim Bobbitt Jr. 14) Heath Metzger 15) Colt Harris 16) Dale Hartz 17) Kevin Albert Jr. 18) Shawn Fitzpatrick 19) John Willman 20) Billy Pauch Jr. 21) Ron Haring Jr. 22) Joe Mooney 23) Lou Cicconi DNS) Glenn Rowan

GME Manufacturing LLC Hard Charger Award – Mike Mammana

Red, White & Blue Autos Inc. Hard Luck Award (Feature Cars Only) – Joe Mooney

Shiley Fabrication Inc. Hard Luck Award (All Cars) – Lou Cicconi

Heat Winners – Frank Cozze, Kevin Smith, Rick Laubach

USS Achey Sportsman (25 Laps)

1) Wayne Witmer ($1,000) 2) Doug Hendricks 3) JR Fulper 4) Craig Whitmoyer 5) Tim Fitzpatrick 6) Kevin Beach Jr. 7) Mike Lisowski 8) Billy Moyer Jr. 9) Mike Glass 10) Jason James 11) Charles Fayash 12) Charles Webber 13) Josh Hertzog 14) Shawn Light 15) Todd Huffman 16) Rob Riegel 17) Chris Hertzog 18) Clay Butler 19) Marc Berzowski 20) Mark Behm 21) Harry Landis 22) AJ Gerhart DNS) Jeff Bubori

GME Manufacturing LLC Hard Charger Award – Jason James

Kim’s Kreations Hard Luck Award (Feature Cars Only) – Harry Landis

Shiley Fabrication Inc. Hard Luck Award (All Cars) – AJ Gerhart

Heat Winners – Wayne Witmer, Clay Butler, Shawn Light

Savage 61 Roadrunners (25 Laps)

1) Chris Holland ($300) 2) Jeremy Becker 3) Joey Brennan 4) Tom Hablett 5) Jared Seigfried 6) Kris Ney 7) TJ Fitzpatrick 8) Devin Trexler 9) Jesse Krasnitsky 10) Terry Kramer Jr. 11) John Whyne 12) Jon Schlauch 13) Randy Fayash 14) Tim Fitzpatrick 15) Jim Kost 16) Bruce Ditzler 17) Shon Elk

Heat Winners – TJ Fitzpatrick, Jeremy Becker

Red, White & Blue Autos Inc. Hard Luck Award (Feature Cars Only) – Shon Elk

Kim’s Kreations Sponsored Mechanics Races – All Race 20 Laps


1) Glenn Rowan 2) Ken Hineline 3) Ron Haring Sr. 4) Andrew Geist

DNS) Placid Mammana, Dave Bright, Kevin Miller, Willie Breiner, Glenn Reinert


1) Jacob Fox 2) Jim Kost 3) Jim Glass 4) Toby Good 5) Jordan Moyer 6) Rob Derfler 7) Jeff Riegel 8) Jeff Hertzog

DNS) Kody Sites, John Severn, Rob Light


1) Kevin Holland 2) Tyler Schibe 3) Sammy Troup 4) Jarrod Kost 5) Jim Schlauch 6) John Breslin 7) Steve Smulley 8) Joe Opolski 9) Ted Becker 10) Shawn Mulhall 11) Tom “Tornado” Fitzpatrick 12) Hank Trexler 13) Jim Krasnitsky

DNS) Terry Kramer Sr.