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Big Diamond Speedway – July 25, 2014

358 Modified Feature Highlights

July 25, 2014 Video Highlights

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ARDC Midget Feature Highlights

Sportsman Feature Highlights

Roadrunner Feature Highlights


(Track Press Release) MINERSVILLE, PA – Four divisions of action packed racing along with a huge fireworks display at intermission provided some great views for the fans that packed into Big Diamond Speedway Friday evening.

The Savage 61 Roadrunners showed off their skills as the first feature of the evening. Chris Holland and Terry Kramer Jr. were the lucky drivers in the redraw, picking the front row for their starting spots. They would lead the field to the green for their 20 lap feature event. Holland would jump out to the lead but on lap 2, the caution flew when Kramer spun after some contact with Shon Elk, who was put to the rear for the incident. Jeremy Becker would line up alongside Holland for the restart, and Becker would pull out ahead of the field. Holland would settle for the runner up spot, until lap 12 when he took back over the lead. Becker would feel the pressure of Kris Ney as they battled for the 2nd place spot. Ney would take over 2nd when Becker ended up needing to visit the pits on lap 14 after he had a tire go flat. Despite his time in the pits, he still was able to work his way back up to earn 10th place finish at the checkers. Tim Fitzpatrick Jr and Joey Brennan found themselves having a good battle to see who would bring home the third place, and it would be Fitpatrick who would bring home the 3rd place honors followed by Brennan
and Tom Hablett.

The ARDC field came to the track next and fan favorite Alex Bright took over the top spot on the first lap and would dominate the field for their 25 lap feature event. The red flew on lap 5 when Tony Dimatti flipped between turns 3 and 4, but the driver was ok. When the action resumed it was Bright and Kyle Lick bringing the field back to the green flag. Lick would soon feel the pressure from Trevor Kobylarz, who took over the 2nd place spot, and Nick Wean would be able to get by Lick in order to bring home 3rd place. Lick would finish 4th followed by Brenden Bright.

The fans then had the chance to sit back and watch the fireworks display during intermission. As the lights came back on, the Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic 358 Modifieds rolled on to the track. John Willman and Colt Harris would lead the field to the green flag for their 25 lap feature event. Colt would take the lead at the drop of the green with Willman challenging for the top spot. Billy Pauch began to reel in the 2nd place car of Willman and would start to challenge him for that spot. Pauch was bringing along Laubach, with Desantis and Howard on his heels. The caution would fly on lap 22 when Dale Hartz would spin in turn 2, bottling the field back up and making it a 3 lap dash for the win. Harris would be able to maintain his spot, but Pauch would take over the 2nd place honors from Willman, who earned himself a 3rd place finish, followed by Rick Laubach and Meme Desantis.

The USS Achey Sportsman ended the night of action packed racing. Mike Lisowski and Ray Woodall Jr. would bring the field to the green flag to start their 20 lap main event. Lisowski would take over the early lead, but on the restart after the caution flew on lap 3, Ray would take over the top spot on the start. The pair would have another chance to battle it out again on lap 7 when the caution flew again when last week’s feature winner, Wayne Witmer found himself and Charles Webber getting together. Witmer would end up retiring to the pits after the incident. Lisowski and Woodall would drag race to the green flag, and Lisowski would find himself taking over the top spot. Woodall would feel the pressure from Craig Whitmoyer, Harry Landis and Doug Hendricks, and the trio would eventually shuffle Woodall back to 5th place when the checkered flag waved. Lisowski would take home the win followed by Whitmoyer, Landis, Hendricks and Woodall at the stripe.

Racing returns to Big Diamond Speedway this coming Friday, August 1st with the second annual FANdemonium. What is FANdemonium you ask? This is the night where ever single fan who attends gets into the grandstand area for FREE. That’s right – FREE! On the racing card will be the Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic DIRTcar 358 Modifieds, Savage 61 Roadrunners, and the return of the EXCEL 600 Modifieds. This entire event will not cost you one penny. All we ask is that on this evening no outside food is brought into the track. Just our small way of saying “thank you” for the support from our wonderful fans. Be sure to bring along some friends for what is sure to be a great evening.

Full Results From 7/25/2014

Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic DIRTcar 358 Modifieds (25 Laps)

1) Colt Harris 2) Billy Pauch Jr. 3) John Willman 4) Rick Laubach 5) Meme
Desantis 6) Duane Howard 7) Kevin Albert Jr. 8) Kevin Smith 9) Kyle
Follweiler 10) Frank Cozze 11) Scott Albert 12) Kevin Bates 13) Bobby
Gunther Walsh 14) Scott Adams 15) Jamie Speers 16) Dale Hartz 17) Jim
Bobbitt Jr. 18) Joe Mooney 19) Shawn Fitzpatrick 20) Jared Umbenhauer 21)
Richie Pratt Jr. 22) Heath Metzger 23) Paul Moyer 24) Ray Swinehart 25) Dan

GME Manufacturing LLC Hard Charger Award – Jamie Speers

Red, White & Blue Autos Inc. Hard Luck Award (Feature Cars Only) – Ray

Shiley Fabrication Inc. Hard Luck Award (All Cars) – Shawn Fitzpatrick

Heat Winners – Rick Laubach, Ray Swinehart, Colt Harris

USS Achey Sportsman (20 Laps)

1) Mike Lisowski 2) Craig Whitmoyer 3) Harry Landis 4) Doug Hendricks 5)
Ray Woodall Jr. 6) Kevin Beach Jr. 7) Shawn Light 8) Charles Webber 9) Chad
Putalavage 10) Josh Hertzog 11) Jordan Moyer 12) Charles Fayash 13) Billy
Moyer 14) Wayne Witmer 15) Marc Berzowski 16) Tim Fitzpatrick 17) JR Fulper

GME Manufacturing LLC Hard Charger Award – Harry Landis

Kim’s Kreations Hard Luck Award (Feature Cars Only) – JR Fulper

Shiley Fabrication Inc. Hard Luck Award (All Cars) – Billy Moyer

Heat Winners – Craig Whitmoyer, Shawn Light

Savage 61 Roadrunners (20 Laps)

1) Chris Holland 2) Kris Ney 3) TJ Fitzpatrick 4) Joey Brennan 5) Tom
Hablett 6) Shon Elk 7) Andrew Fayash Jr. 8) Jim Kost 9) Jared Seigfried 10)
Jeremy Becker 11) Joe Kavanaugh 12) Terry Kramer Jr. 13) Jesse Krasnitsky
14) Devin Trexler 15) John Whyne 16) Tim Fitzpatrick Jr. 17) Earl Lins 18)
Bruce Ditzler DNS) Bill Wingle, Bill Wingle Jr.

Heat Winners – Terry Kramer Jr., Chris Holland

Red, White & Blue Autos Inc. Hard Luck Award (Feature Cars Only) – Tim
Fitzpatrick Jr.

ARDC Midgets (25 Laps)

1) Alex Bright 2) Trevor Kobylarz 3) Nick Wean 4) Kyle Lick 5) Brenden Bright 6) Ryan Greth 7) Steven Drevicki 8) Bruce Buckwalter 9) PJ Garguilo 10) Tyler Brehn 11) Clayton Glassman 12) Austin Burke 13) Tom Kunsman 14) Brett Wanner 15) Tony Dimattia 16) Brett Arndt 17) Brian Gilmore DNS) Eric Heydenreich, Tim Buckwalter