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Grandview Speedway – October 18, 2014

5-35s Feature Highlights Plus Vintage Cars and Demo Derby

October 18, 2014 Video Highlights

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The 114th race of the twenty-five year history of the NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series played out Saturday night at the Grandview Speedway with the popular House of Thunder Halloween Party and the Grandview Thunder 5-25’s, a features only event. Jeff Strunk collected $3,000 for winning the 358 NASCAR Modified feature as Jared Umbenhauer took the win the Sportsman feature. Steve Drevicki won the ARDC Midget feature as Curt Michael charged from tenth to win the URC feature. Chris Spidle was the winner of the Legends feature.

With over one-hundred and twenty-five cars in the pit area, the Legends were called upon to open the 5-25’s feature program. Chris Spidle led the entire twenty-five lap distance but was challenged on numerous times during the 25 lap feature. At one point of the race, there were eleven in the chase for the lead race. With just two laps to go, Robert Stough challenged Spidle for the lead. But after some slight contact, Spidle remained the leader and went on for the win. Mason Chaney was second, Robert Stough was third with Keith Haring and Chris Transeau making up the top five.

In the ARDC Midget feature, Steven Drevicki of Reading, PA was the winner of the 25 lap feature. Alex Bright, driving the Mike Heffner midget challenged Drevicki on several occasions. Billy Pauch Jr moved into the picture and challenged Bright for the runnier spot. With just two laps remaining, Pauch passed Bright in turn three with Bright regaining the position in turn four. With the checker flag waiving, Drevicki took the win over Alex Bright, Billy Pauch Jr., Trevor Kobylarz and PJ Gargiulo.

The Sportsman 25 lap feature was next on the program and Brett Kressley set the early pace. Kressley had an impressive run going, continuing to show the way at halfway. Jared Umbenhauer was in the hunt now racing in second and closing on Kressley as Kenny Gilmore, Craig Whitmoyer and Brett Gilmore made-up the top five.

On lap fifteen, Umbenhauer applied pressure to the leader, challenging Kressley for the lead. After a two lap battle, Umbenhauer took the lead on lap seventeen, but this race was far from over. Kressley fought back and regained the top spot on lap twenty. In the closing laps, Umbenhauer again applied pressure, then on a lap twenty-two restart, race leader Brett Kressley headed to the pits with a flat left front tire. Umbenhauer went on to take the win over Craig Whitmoyer, Kenny Gilmore and Brett Gilmore with Brad Grim finishing fifth.

In what was the best feature of the night, Jeff Strunk won the twenty-five lap 358 Modified feature. Brian Houseknecht, by luck of the Trick or Treat Revenge Redraw, started on the pole and drove one of his most impressive races of his career. Houseknecht battled most of the race with Ryan Grim. The race got real interesting at the halfway point as Houseknecht, Grim, Strunk, MeMe DeSantis and Duane Howard were now in a five car race for the lead. Strunk was on a mission, now racing in third just behind Houseknecht and Grim. On lap fifteen, Strunk moved into second as Duane Howard slowed and pulled to the infield.

Houseknecht did a masterful job holding off Strunk, but on lap nineteen, Strunk made the pass to take the lead. Ryan Grim and MeMe DeSantis now inched closer to Strunk as Mike Mahaney powered into the picture. When the checker flag fell, Strunk took the victory, his tenth career Thunder on the Hill win. Ryan Grim rallied home an impressive second followed by MeMe DeSantis, Mike Mahaney and Ryan Watt who came on strong in the closing laps to finish fifth.

The URC Sprint feature was the finale as the cars went into four abreast formation with the traditional fireworks bursting over turn three. At the drop of the green flag, Josh Weller of Mertztown, PA took full advantage and charged into the lead as the field passed on lap one. At the same time, the red flag was displayed for Ed Aikin who made hard contact with the fourth turn wall after a tangle with Larry Kelleher. On the restart, Weller set the pace with Davie Franek (2014 URC Champion) in second followed by Chuck Hebing. Weller established himself as the man to beat, holding a very comfortable lead at the hallway point. Weller was followed by Hebing, Franek, Curt Michael (who started tenth) and Robbie Stillwaggon.

All eyes were on the Michael car as he advanced to third on lap seventeen. One lap later, Michael was in second. As the race continued, Michael pressed on to inch in on the race leader Josh Weller. Michael caught Weller on lap twenty-one then powered to the lead on lap twenty-two. Michael ran unchallenged for the final three laps to earn the win over Josh Weller, Chuck Hebing, Davie Franek and Randy West.

LEGENDS FEATURE 25 LAPS: #09 Chris Spidle, #8cr Mason Chaney, #07 Robert Stough, #35 Keith Haring, #18 Chris Transeau, #13 Jacob Feltch,
#890 Tim Bauer, #44 Scott Gobrecht, #20 Vernon Houseman, #85 Chad Ernst, #9 Rick Hartwig, #12J Clint Penkauskas, #11 Jason Fuhrman, #70 John Hall, #45 Andy Whaling, #45x Joe Fanelli, #35H Ron Haring, Jr.

ARDC MIDGETS FEATURE 25 LAPS: #19 Steven Drevicki, #27 Alex Bright, #28 Billy Pauch, #1 Trevor Kobylarz, #5 PJ Gargiulo, #52 Tim Buckwalter, #95 Jim Radney, #20 Ryan Watt, #83 Bruce Buckwalter, Jr., #8 Kyle Lick, #54 Austin Burke, #97 Tyler Brehm, #78 Nick Wean, #33 Danny Straton, #92 Brenden Bright, #46 Brett Arndt, #4 Ryan Greth, #44 Brett Wanner, #7 Shawn Jackson, #21 Thomas Kunsman, #75 Billy Courtwight.

SPORTSMAN FEATURE 25 LAPS: #5 Jared Umbenhauer, #99 Craig Whitmoyer, #7 Kenny Gilmore, #00 Brett Gilmore, #611 Brad Grim, #29 Ken Eckert, #14J Joe Funk, #4* Brian Hirthler, #542 Guy Germano, #221 Ryan Beltz, #17x Kevin Beach, #77 Tom Miller, #88x Jason Neidlinger, #10 Charles Webber, #19K Brett Kressley, #14 Brad Roberts, #142 Ryan Lilick, #573 Kevin Dries, #5K Lex Shive, #134 Mark Behm, #7x Ron Krex, #99B Brandon Whitmoyer.

358 NASCAR MODIFIEDS 25 LAPS: #4* Jeff Strunk, #17 Ryan Grim, #88d Meme DeSantis, #357 Mike Mahaney, #14w Ryan Watt, #14 Billy Pauch Jr., #323 Brian Houseknecht, #21K Kyle Weiss, #22 Tim Buckwalter, #10 Andy Ressler, #41 Mike Kellner Sr., #19 Frank Cozze, #357x Mike Gular.#37 Nate Christman, #A1 John Kellner, #87 Eric Biehn, #33x Mike Laise, #31 Chris Esposito, #117 Kevin Hirthler, #B4 Kyle Borror, #66 Duane Howard, #39 Todd Smith.

URC SPRINT FEATURE 25 LAPS: #5G Curt Michael, #25 Josh Weller, #45 Chuck Hebing, #28 Davey Franek, #56 Randy West, #9d Kevin Darling, #88b Andy Best, #8c Brian Carber, #08 Jason Clauss, #22 Troy Betts, #33 Scott Lutz, #21c Cody Jordan, #12b Brad Franks, #67 Jason Cherry, #76 Larry Kelleher, #89 Robbie Stillwaggon, #17j Jonathan Swanson, #E45 Adam Carberry, #7 Ed Aiken.

Blast from the Past Feature Winner: Ronnie Peck

Demolition Derby Winner: Mike Klinger