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Big Diamond Speedway – August 7, 2015

358 Modified/XCEL Modified/Roadrunner Feature Highlights

August 7, 2015 Video Highlights

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Laubach, Hitlzer and Tim Fitzpatrick Jr. earn victories Friday Evening at Big Diamond Speedway

(Track Press Release) The fans packed the track Friday night, enjoying the free grandstand entry for the third annual FANdemonium event. Jake and Jasmine Smulley opened up the main gates for free and offered the fans a great night of racing featuring the Lias Tire 358 Modifies, Savage 61 Roadrunners and the Excel 600 Modifieds. They even brought the fans down on the track prior to the start of the Modified Feature event and gave the fans to meet the drivers and see the cars and wish their favorites good luck.

The Lias Tire 358 Modified division met with the fans prior to the start of their feature event, the drivers all participated and parked their cars on the front stretch and took the time to talk to all of the fans that packed the track to see them race. The drivers then strapped themselves into their cars and prepared for their 25 lap feature event. Shawn Fitzpatrick and Kevin Beach would pace the field around the track and bring them to the green flag. Fitzpatrick would take over the top spot with Beach following closely behind along with Andy Burkhart and Jared Umbenhauer. A few early cautions on lap 3 and 4 kept the field bunched together and once the green flag flew again, it was Fitzpatrick still holding off the hard charging teams behind him. Laubach would begin his challenge for the top spot on lap 6 and he had his sights set on getting by Fitzpatrick. A restart on lap 9 put the two racers side by side and Fitzpatrick would get credited for leading the next lap, but on lap 11 it would be all Rick Laubach. The battle was on for the runner up spot between Umbenhauer and Fitzpatrick. Umbenhauer would prevail but then would feel pressure from Billy Pauch Jr. The field would work its way through the tail end of the pack, lapping several cars along the way. Laubach would win the feature event, followed by Jared Umbenhauer, Billy Pauch Jr., Duane Howard and Shawn Fitzpatrick. The heats were won by Scott Albert, Rick Laubach and Shawn Fitzpatrick. The GME Hard Charger for the feature event would be Billy Pauch Jr. for going from 11th to 3rd for a gain of 8 spots.

The Xcel 600 Modifieds had another great turn out for their night of racing at Big Diamond Speedway. Nathan Brinker and Jonathan Josko would bring the field to the green for the start of their 20 lap feature event. Brinker would take over the top spot with Aaron Bowes challenging him for the lead. Last time out Richie Hitzler was the feature winner and he was busy working his way to the front from his 9th place starting spot. Lap 10 Hitzler was able to get around Brinker and would do his best to try to pull away from the front of the pack, but Jonathan Josko was staying right with the leader hoping for his chance to get around him. The drivers would battle it out, but in the end it would be Richie Hitzler going back to Victory Lane followed by Jonathan Josko, Aaron Bowes, Barry Breidegan and Nathan Brinker. The heats were won by Richie Hitzler, Josh Pepe and Logan Diehl.

The Savage 61 Roadrunners would be brought to the green flag by Kyle Wingle and Tim Fitzpatrick Jr. Fitzpatrick would take over the top spot followed by Jesse Krasnitsky. Chris Holland was on the move, workings way to the front and by the 7th lap he was up to second place and challenging for the lead. Holland and Fitpatrick would battle it out but soon Andy Fayash III wanted in on the action and it because a three way battle for the top spot. The trio would battle it out for the final 8 laps, swapping spots back and forth and putting on a great display of racing for the fans to see. The fans were cheering on their favorite drivers and in the end it would be Tim Fitzpatrick Jr. visiting Victory Lane, followed by Andy Fayash III, Chris Holland, Terry Kramer Jr. and Elvin Brennan. The heats were won by Kyle Wingle and Andy Fayash III. The Red White and Blue Autos Hard Luck award went to Fred Everly who had some struggles through out the evening and was unable to finish the feature event.

Gates Open at 5:45 PM with Warm ups starting at 7:45 and racing getting underway at 8:15.

For more information, please visit the tracks Facebook Fan Page at or on the web at Live time scoring is now available on Friday evenings through the Race Monitor application that is available for both the IOS and Android operating systems.
Full Results:

Lias Tire 358 Modified Feature Results – 1. Rick Laubach 2. Jared Umbenhauer 3. Billy Pauch Jr. 4. Duane Howard 5. Shawn Fitzpatrick 6. Kevin Beach Jr. 7. John Willman 8. Kyle Follweiler 9. Andy Burkhart 10. Scott Albert 11. Kyle Borror 12. Steve Searock 13. Colt Harris 14. Bobby Gunther Walsh 15. Heath Metzger 16. Mario Dinatale 17. Paul Moyer 18. Jay Aten 19. Ray Swinehart 20. Tim Fitzpatrick 21. Meme DeSantis DNS – Justin Grim

Savage 61 Roadrunners Feature Results – 1. Tim Fitzpatrick Jr. 2. Andy Fayash 3. Chris Holland 4. Terry Kramer 5. Elvin Brennan 6. TJ Fitzpatrick 7. Kris Ney 8. Jeremy Becker 9. Bruce Ditzler 10. Tim Spesak 11. Jesse Krasnitsky 12. Joe Kavanaugh 13. Dave Long Jr. 14. Jon Schlauch 15. Chris Natale 16. Andrew Buchinski 17. Devin Trexler 18. Shon Elk 19. Jim Kost 20. Steve Smulley 21. Kyle Wingle DNS – Fred Everly

Xcel 600 Modifieds Feature Results – 1. Richie Hitzler 2. Jonathan Josko 3. Aaron Bowes 4. Barry Breidegan 5. Nathan Brinker 6. Josh Pepe 7. Jonathan Pepe 8. Tim VanHorn Jr. 9. Charles Bowers 10. Josh Bewley 11. DJ Hunt 12. Kory Inglin 13. Chris Eckert 14. Dakota Barlet 15. Dylan McCrone 16. Kyle Inglin 17. Bryan Care 18. Shawna Schibilla 19. Wyatt Harrar 20. Vincent Varano 21. Logan Diehl 22. Jamie Hess 23. Billy Koch